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Added values for you

Lernitoys.ae is more than an e-shop with toys. Our goal is to develop children's potential. Every product in our range is an educational tool and cannot be found in "ordinary" stores. You can find these added values only with us:

Specialisation and educational properties

We have been present in the educational field for more than ten years. Our lectors that choose the products are specialists in the field of education and prepare methodical instructions for educational tools and write specialised articles and tips for you. They are professionals with many years of experience.

Why buy "ONLY" a toy when you can get one that develops a child's abilities and skills? Every product has passed a strict selection by our professional lectors and must have an educational function. This function lets our toys entertain your children and develop their abilities and skills.


Are you purchasing a gift for a child? Do you want to avoid the x-version of the same product? If so, you are at a great place. The products in our e-shop cannot be found anywhere else.

That is why the toys your children will be playing with will entertain them for longer; indeed, their friends will want those toys too.

Quality and safety

We chose our products only from European suppliers. Our toys are destined used at home but mainly in kindergartens, where multiple children play with these toys for several years. Our products, beyond doubt, meet these demanding requirements.

Therefore you don't have to worry that the toys will fall apart or that your child will get hurt in the moment of intention.

And the list of added values is not at the end:

Loyalty program

We value our loyal customers. That is why you will get loyalty credits from us for every purchase, 50 credits = 1 euro. You can use these credits to apply the discount for your next purchase or purchase unique products from the Bonus Club (available only for registered customers).

Therefore you will save with every purchase.

If you want to use these fantastic benefits, remember to register before completing your order.

Amazing customer service

Are you new at online shopping? Do you need help with how to make an order correctly? No worries! You can send us your order via e-mail, and our customer service workers will process your order!

The shopping process is, therefore, easy, safe and problem-free for anyone.


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